Portfolio Analysis Review

The Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) process is a method of bringing your investments in line with your risk tolerance and ever-evolving goals. Just as an annual appointment with your doctor promotes physical health, reviewing your assets every year promotes financial health by helping to ensure your long-term investment goals remain in clear focus.

This is where we come in. The three-step process takes an inventory of your portfolio with a comprehensive, 360-degree approach.

The PAR process can provide answers to the following questions regarding your investments:

  • How many brokerage accounts do you have at each custodian?
  • How many positions do you own in each account?
  • How much income do you receive from investments?
  • How is your portfolio’s risk balanced with potential rewards?
  • If you know the fees and expenses for your brokerage accounts, how could they affect your portfolio’s long-term returns?

The PAR process creates a detailed account of your investments while organizing your portfolio, which may make it easier to comprehend. Together, we’ll develop a plan for them to work in concert to help achieve your goals.